Adani University

Adani Global Fellowship


Adani University Global Fellowship Program is an intensive 11-month program on equipping the next generation leaders with critical skills in the burgeoning areas of

  1. Green Energy
  2. Infrastructure
  3. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)
  4. Public Policy
  5. Cyber Security
  6. Digital Health

Programs Outcome

  • To prepare Fellows for leadership roles in the 21st century’s global, inter-connected and fast-evolving world.
  • To empower Fellows to contribute positively to society, lead meaningful lives and achieve their fullest potential.
  • To instill in Fellows a strong commitment to ethical behavior and social responsibility, in their personal lives and in their professional careers.
  • To inspire Fellows to develop a life-long love of learning, to continuously update their skills and knowledge
  • To encourage Fellows to think critically, challenge the status quo and pursue innovative and sustainable solutions to complex problems.  
  • To provide a safe, stimulating environment conducive to experimentation, innovation and intellectual exploration.
  • To create a diverse, dynamic community that encourages openness, exchange of ideas and mutual respect among fellows.
  • To instill a culture of continuous learning and self-improvement to facilitate the journey towards mastery and excellence.

Programs Uniqueness

Interdisciplinary Learning
Immersive Exposure
Critical Thinking
Renowned Educators
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