Adani University


Centre for Human Values

The VUCA world of current times is facing more of a humane problem than a technological one. A well-rounded personality is the need of the hour – defined as “Holisitic”. Holistic professionals exhibit integrity at all levels – to self, society, organization and the nation. Education needs to facilitate individuals to be solution-centric, creative, resilient, adaptable, lifelong learners, inclusive and sensitive. Such individuals, as global citizens, drive technological tools and their advancements towards impactful growth, addressing sustainability issues while having a bias for inclusivity. For values to manifest, a facilitation platform is a must. Centre of Human Values (CHV) offers non-credit courses that would help one learn foundational values like Truth, Righteousness, Non-violence, Peace and Love. The courses help learners to manifest values with confidence. Facilitation is through interactive talks, group discussions, and practical exercises, encouraging introspection, reflection and critical thinking. Adani university is committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are “Holistic” global citizens.