Adani University and Academy of HRD collaborate on Research Programs and more.

Editor’s Synopsis
Adani University and AHRD now have an understanding to offer certification courses, executive education, and higher degree research programs, including doctoral degrees.
Ahmedabad, 11 April 2023: Adani University and the Academy of HRD (AHRD) have recently entered an understanding for jointly offering certification programs, executive education, and higher degree research programs leading to doctoral degrees. The Memorandum of Understanding was inked by Prof. Dr. M. Muruganant, Provost of Adani University, and Dr. Rajesh Chandwani, Chairperson of AHRD. This partnership envisages benefiting the larger HR community and the future demands of HR.

Expressing his thoughts on the occasion, Prof. Dr. M. Muruganant, Provost of Adani University said, “With the aim of enhancing learning and creating impact in society, Adani University has adopted a 3T framework, namely, to Translate, Transcend, and Transform to achieve excellence – and is proud to partner with AHRD in this journey.”  He further added that the University is research intensive and has focused on specific areas of thrust. The thrust areas are Infrastructure, Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, Management, Technology, Defense, and Healthcare. Through the understanding with AHRD, professionals now have an opportunity to pursue packaged/customized certifications (or) a 3-year doctoral program in Human Resources.

Over the years, the Academy has launched and nurtured several activities and programs in pursuance of the objective of knowledge generation and dissemination and capacity building for making HRD a vital part of a comprehensive management strategy. This objective has assumed tremendous importance in the context of competitive challenges facing industry and the opportunities that globalization has opened. During the event, Dr. Rajesh Chandwani, Chairperson of AHRD, also asserted “The pursuit of excellence in research has always been the driving force behind AHRD, and our collaboration with Adani University only reaffirms our commitment to maintaining top-tier quality.

This Memorandum of Understanding provides the chance to gain global expertise, further educational knowledge, and take advantage of a shared investment in time and resources. It additionally opens possibilities for established professionals to become a part of the program, taking advantage of their expert insights to guide research and expand their know-how with short- and long-term specialized programs for further professional development.

About Adani University

With a vision to educate and empower the youth, to encourage transformative research that focuses on real-world problems, and to contribute to global sustainability via excellence at all levels, the Adani Group – one of India’s largest transport and utility infrastructure conglomerates with inspiration from the infrastructure and visionaries of India – Shri Gautambhai Adani and Smt. Pritiben Adani – has established the Adani University in the enterprising State of Gujarat in India. With major thrust on education for transformation, Adani University will be engaged in building state-of-the-art futuristic institution for education, training and research that shall disseminate managerial and technological knowledge of the highest value through impactful industry engagement and multidisciplinary research. Adani University will be a research- intensive institution that seeks to address and impact real-world problems. Research, formal and non-formal programmes for doctoral, under-graduate and post-graduate degrees and certification programmes, at the intersection of disciplines, will be offered at the University.

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