Dr. Shiba Prasad Parhi

Designation: Associate Dean (Student Affairs) and Associate Professor

Academic Area: Finance, Analytics and Operations

Brief Profile:

Faculty Member of Analytics, Finance and Operations, Dr. Shiba Prasad Parhi has been teaching since 2002. He had several years of teaching in premium MBA colleges of India.

In his teaching tenure, he has served 6 years at Symbiosis International University, teaching in Institute like Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, SSBF,SIIB, SIU PhD Program. He was an adjunct Faculty Member of College of Engineering, Pune, Visiting Faculty to NITIE Mumbai, NIAM, Jaipur, VAMNICOM, Pune.

Dr Shiba has done PhD in the field of Behavioural Finance. He had been to various part of the world in delivering Conference Talk and Lecture, Bangkok, Singapore, US, etc. He has had several publications to his credit in nationally and internationally renowned journals and a publisher in one of the international journals. He has led MDPs for senior executives at Tata Motors, senior executives in general electricity, mid-level executives at GSK, the airport, port and technology business division of the Adani Group.  He contributed to the lives of both staff and students in various short-term programs. He has been active in the youth detox program, is the executive member of the youth wing of Brahma Kumaries.

  • PhD(Finance), PGDM(Finance and Marketing)
  • Advance Diploma in Finance, AIMA, Delhi
  • FDPM( IIM A)
  • MA( History)
  • Sc( Physics)

Industry 3 years of experience in Industry:

N.G. Technologies, ING Vysya, Mumbai

20 Years of Academic experience:

  • J. School of Management, Balasore
  • Asian Workers’ Development INstitute, Rourkela,ICFAI
  • National College, Rourkela for 4 years
  • Y.Patil Pune, 2 years
  • Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management
  • Symbiosis School of Banking  and Finance ,
  • SIU, PhD Program,
  • Visiting Faculty to NITIE Mumbai
  • NIAM Jaipur, VAMNICOM , Pune.
  • Working with the Adani University since July 2021

  • Brahma Kumaries

  • Behavioural Finance
  • HNI Stock investors
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Meditation and Spirituality

Waste Recycling in Pune, Ahmedabad, Regional Pooling in Solid waste Management, Overconfidence Bias in Stock investment, Mental Accounting in stock investment, Behavioural biases and decision making.
Research Project without Funding

  1. A case study of Bhoomi Green Project in Solid Waste Management (April 2020-Continuing) Co-Investigator: Prof. Neziah Altay, Director, Department of Humanitarian Supply Chain, DePaul University Chicago [Studying Atma Nirbhar Bharat program to understand social entrepreneurship with Waste Processing Plants in Pune as a case.]
  2. Project on Intrapreneurship in the MSMEs of the Nashik Industrial Cluster (2021-Continuing) [Explored scope of employees in the MSMEs to act as an entrepreneur rather than simple paid workers by analyzing HR practice, support system, and employees’ empowerment]
  3. Risk Perceptions vs Actual Risk in Entrepreneurship Activities (Oct 2018-Dec 2019) [Studied risk perception of entrepreneurs in imitating in business project]
  4. A case of Women empowerment in Odisha through Crafting and Designing in Garment Industry (2009-2010) [Analyzed understanding of self-empowerment by learning basic skills in cutting, stitching, crafting, designing, registering self in MSME, initiating production and selling through various social marketing programs in Tribal and Handicraft trade fairs, opening of shops and educational institute]
  5. A case of Youth Empowerment in opening of Coaching Center with Unique Ideas in Bhubaneswar (2007-08) [Studied branding and positioning of unique service propositions, breakeven point analysis, financial feasibility, pricing and discounts to attract students].


Padhi Shiba Prasad. (2013). Research Methodology, Indian Knowledge Corporation (IKC)

Research Paper Publications

  • Padhi Shiba Prasad and Pal Manas Kumar. (Accepted on 13-05-2021). Impact of Overconfidence Bias in Stock Trading Approach: A Study of High Net Worth Individuals (HNI) Stock Investors in India, Benchmarking:  an International Journal , [Scopus and ABDC ranking-B].
  • Parhi Shiba Prasad, Khalid Azam and Venkateshwarlu. (2017).New frontiers in stock market related behaviour a bibliometric analysis, The Sankalpa: International Journal of Management Decisions, Vol.4, Issue 1, ISSN 2454-7425.
  • Parhi Shiba Prasad, Khalid Azam and Jain Rishabh. (2018). Price Discrimination in Present Business Environment, Marketing Mastermind, Vol. XIV No 2, ISSN 0972-5156.
  • Parhi Shiba Prasad, Khalid Azam and Venkateshwarlu. (2017). Behavior Finance and Customer Rationality: A Study,  Marketing Mastermind , Vol. XIV No 3, ISSN0972-5156.
  • Parhi Shiba Prasad. (2017). Essential Skill set for Dynamic Marketing Manager, Marketing Mastermind , Vol. XIV No 2, ISSN 0972-5156.
  • Parhi Shiba Prasad. (2016). Case – “Wagh Bakri’s Entry Into Modern Retail” in Marketing Mastermind , Vol. XIII No 4 , ISSN 0972-5156.
  • Parhi Shiba Prasad. (2016). Case- “Price War over Products Made Using Recycled Material “, Marketing Mastermind, Vol. XIII No 3. ISSN 0972-5156.
  • Parhi Shiba Prasad and Ramani Sapna. (2013). A conceptual study on exploring the  competitive spiritual qualities  in woman  and its application in entrepreneurship and need of other spiritual qualities to be successful entrepreneurs, conference proceeding ISOL 4th International Conference Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership held on 10-12 Jan 2013.
  • Parhi Shiba Prasad and Tripathy LK. (2012). Corporate social responsibility versus corporate spiritual responsibility,Indian Journal Of Commerce And Management Studies, ISSN  2249-0310.
  • Parhi Shiba Prasad. (2008). “Dividend Without Investment Through Virtues in Service Industry”, Conference Proceeding on “ Innovation harnessing growth of business and  Industry” held on on 16th August 2008.
  • Parhi Shiba Prasad. (2008).“Call of time present Business Leader with different Dimensions”In conference proceeding 2nd International Colloquium on Business Management ( ICBM 2008) , Bangkok held on 17-20th Nov 2008
  • Parhi Shiba Prasad. (2007).“Decision Making Dos and Don’t”, “Management Review”, ICFAI Publication, December.REVIEWER OF INTERNATIONAL JOURNALS  
  • 2021: Manuscript ID BIJ-03-2021-0134, Benchmarking: an International Journal, Emerald Insight, May (Scopus and ABDC Ranking: B).
  • 2020: Manuscript BIJ-09-2020, Benchmarking: an International Journal, Emerald Insight, Oct   (Scopus and ABDC Ranking: B).
  • 2020: Review of Manuscript BIJ-09-2020-0472, Benchmarking: an International Journal, Emerald Insight, Oct (Scopus and ABDC Ranking: B).
  • 2020: Review of Manuscript ID JEAS-04-2020-0042.R1, Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Emerald Insight, Apr (Web of Science and ABDC Ranking: C).


2021: Convener, SymFin 2021 Conference, Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance ,Pune during 2-3 July .

2020:     Convener, SymFin 2020 Conference, Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance held on 29 August.

2020:    Track Chairman, International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management 2021
(ICOSCM 2021),Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Nashik, held on 21 January.

2019:   Track Chairman, Research Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management (RCOSCM 19-20) Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Nashik,  held on 10 November.

2018:    Academy of Behavioural Finance and Economics, USA, 11th  Annual Meeting held, Chicago Illinois USA on 17- 20 Oct.


2019: Youth Wing Brahma Kumaries Ahmadabad, Faculty Development Program held during 10-12 May.
2018: Symbiosis International University, Pune on “Andragogy”, Nov.

2018: Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Development (XIME), Bangalore, on “Time –Series and Panel Data Econometrics” held during 23-24 Feb.
2017:   Symbiosis International University,  Pune and  SAS Training,  Faculty Development Program  on “Building Data Science Curriculum” during 6-8 Sept.
2017: Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Nashik, Faculty Development program on “Building and Testing Theory Using Structural Equation Modelling” on 8 Aug.
2017: Symbiosi. Faculty Development Program s Institute of Operations Management, Nashik, SAP University Alliances “Train the Trainer Workshop on SAP ERP using Global Bike INC 3.0”  held during   24-27 April.
2016: Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Nashik Faculty Development Program on “ Intellectual Property Rights” held on 20 Oct.
2016: Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Nashik, Faculty Development Program on “ Developing Theoretical Framework for a Good Research Paper” held during 10-11 Feb.
2015: Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Nashik on “An Opportunity for Collaborative research among Faculty of Symbiosis International University and Copenhagen Business school in the area of Logistics and Supply Chain Management” held on 5 Jan.