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Heat transfer and entropy optimization for unsteady MHD Casson fluid flow through a porous cylinder: Applications in nuclear reactors Category:  Article Author:  Ankush Raje.; Foram Koyani.; Ashlesha A. Bhise.;Katta Ramesh Source: International Journal of Modern Physics B Year: 2023 Go to Link
A Study on Alternative Strategies for Public Transportation in Dehradun City Category:  Conference Paper Author:  Arora Y.;Patel H. Source: Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering Year: 2022 Go to Link
Predicting traffic induced noise using artificial neural network and multiple linear regression approach Category:  Article Author:  Vyas T.;Varia H.R. Source: International Journal of Advanced Technology and Engineering Exploration Year: 2022 Go to Link
Performance assessment for three statistical models of landslide susceptibility zonation mapping: A case study for Dharamshala Region, Himachal Pradesh, India Category:  Article Author:  Sweta K.;Goswami A.;Nath R.R.;Bahuguna I.M. Source: Journal of Earth System Science Year: 2022 Go to Link
Flood Vulnerability and Risk Assessment with Parsimonious Hydrodynamic Modeling and GIS Category:  Book Chapter Author:  Sharma S.B.;Singh A.K.;Rajawat A.S. Source: Geospatial Modeling for Environmental Management: Case Studies from South Asia Year: 2022 Go to Link
Background knowledge attacks in privacy-preserving data publishing models Category:  Article Author:  Desai N.;Lal Das M.;Chaudhari P.;Kumar N. Source: Computers and Security Year: 2022 Go to Link
Symmetrical DC-Link Capacitor Voltage for Multi Solar PV Array Fed CHBMLI in Standalone Application Category:  Article Author:  Singh A.K.;Sharma R.;Gupta R. Source: IETE Journal of Research Year: 2022 Go to Link
Open Circuit Fault Diagnosis in Five-Level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter Category:  Article Author:  Mehta Pavan;Sahoo Subhanarayan;Dhiman Harsh Source: International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems Year: 2022 Go to Link
Legendre Neural Network based Intelligent Control of DC-DC Step Down Converter-PMDC Motor Combination Category:  Article Author:  Tousif Khan Nizami;Sasank Das Gangula;Ramanjaneya Reddy;Harsh S. Dhiman Source: IFAC-PapersOnLine Year: 2022 Go to Link
On wavelet transform based convolutional neural network and twin support vector regression for wind power ramp event prediction Category:  Article Author:  Dhiman H.S.;Deb D.;Guerrero J.M. Source: Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems Year: 2022 Go to Link
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