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Digital Twin Framework For Time To Failure Forecasting Of Wind Turbine Gearbox: A Concept Category:  Article Author:  Mili Wadhwani;Sakshi Deshmukh;Harsh S. Dhiman Year: 2022 Go to Link
Global Horizontal Solar Irradiance Forecasting Based on Data-Driven and~Feature Selection Techniques Category:  Incollection Author:  Dishita Neve;Sparsh Joshi;Harsh S. Dhiman;Tousif Khan Nizami Year: 2022 Go to Link
Multi-gradient-direction based deep learning model for arecanut disease identification Category:  Article Author:  Mallikarjuna S.B.;Shivakumara P.;Khare V.;Basavanna M.;Pal U.;Poornima B. Source: CAAI Transactions on Intelligence Technology Year: 2022 Go to Link
Handwritten Annotation Spotting in Printed Documents Using Top-Down Visual Saliency Models Category:  Article Author:  Pandey S.;Harit G. Source: ACM Transactions on Asian and Low-Resource Language Information Processing Year: 2022 Go to Link
Investigating machine learning techniques for user sentiment analysis Category:  Book Chapter Author:  Patel N.V.;Chhinkaniwala H. Source: Research Anthology on Machine Learning Techniques, Methods, and Applications Year: 2022 Go to Link
Preserve Privacy on Streaming Data During the Process of Mining Using User Defined Delta Value Category:  Book Chapter Author:  Solanki P.;Garg S.;Chhinkaniwala, H Source: Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies Year: 2022 Go to Link
Artificial intelligence for renewable energy systems Category:  Book Author:  Vyas A.K.;Balamurugan S.;Hiran K.K.;Dhiman H.S. Source: Artificial Intelligence for Renewable Energy Systems Year: 2022 Go to Link
Optimization of hexagonal boron-doped silicate photonic crystal fiber to obtain near zero flattened dispersion for nonlinear waves by finite difference method Category:  Article Author:  Tiwari S.;Vyas A.K.;Pandey A.;Kumar R.;Pandey P.C.;Dixit A. Source: Optical and Quantum Electronics Year: 2022 Go to Link
Investigation of crosstalk and BER in multicore fiber optic transmission link for Space Division Multiplexing Category:  Article Author:  Kumar Vyas A.;Dixit A.;Tiwari S.;Khatri N. Source: Results in Optics Year: 2022 Go to Link
Performance Investigation of Routing Protocol with the velocity of 30 m/s for Random Mobility Model Category:  Article Author:  Suthar M.K.;Vyas A.K. Source: International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics Year: 2022 Go to Link
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